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LAKSN Institutes’s Blogging for Beginners course is for people who have a lot to say and are wondering if a blog is the answer. Whether you talk fashion; food; lifestyle; fitness or travel, or have a totally new blog idea personal to you – our writing tutor will take you through the basics of where to start and how to sustain your writing. 

You don’t need to have a blog idea to come along, our writing course is useful to anyone looking to develop skills in both a professional and personal context. You’ll learn how to talk about your passions, tailoring your tone to your audience, how to build stories and structuring opinions and arguments. During the day, you will also look at all forms of blogging with a particular emphasis on written blogs.


  • Exploring answers to the questions: Why and What Should I blog.
  • Approaches to writing about personal passions.
  • Identifying your market.
  • Creating short term and long term strategy.
  • Exploring ways to build narratives and structure arguments.
  • First steps to creating a campaign.



Like all of our writing courses, you’ll receive friendly, constructive feedback from your teacher throughout the course. The opportunity to discuss and share your ideas with a group of fellow writers can be an incredibly useful part of the creative process, helping you develop the style and scope of your writing. Please note: fluency in English is essential for this course. If you have any special requirements please inform our Customer Services Team prior to your course start date so we can ensure we cater for these needs. 


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