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The idea of Content Marketing has exploded onto the scene in recent years, but it’s much more than just a buzzword. When executed well, content marketing gives organisations an evergreen platform to attract and acquire customers, and forms the foundation for all other marketing activities, both online and offline.

In this one-day content marketing training course, you'll learn what content works across different channels and how to unlock its value to create better commercial results.

We'll provide a structured approach to planning, creating and distributing content, giving you the skills to maximise the value of your content marketing efforts.

This course is led by award-winning marketer Allister Frost, Microsoft's former Head of Digital Marketing Strategy.



Following the Content Marketing training course, you will understand:

  • The importance and commercial value of effective content marketing for B2C and B2B organisations
  • The types of content that work best on different channels
  • How to develop big ideas that unlock multi-channel content opportunities
  • The role of content along the new customer decision journey
  • Why topical content often wins in social media channels
  • How to nurture brand communities to amplify your content and reach
  • Simple techniques that will help you enhance any content by boosting its persuasiveness and impact


Course Programme

  • Stats and data to support the business case for greater focus on content marketing
  • The case for brand building through better content
  • The hard realities about content marketing and measurement
  • Content formats needed to build winning brands
  • Latest content trends and developments
  • Case studies of successful B2B and B2C content
  • The importance of brand adaptability in a multi-channel world
  • Putting a ‘Big Idea’ at the centre of your content marketing planning
  • Mapping content based on the Customer Decision Journey
  • How to introduce more newsworthy, topical content into your plan
  • Tips and techniques for content creation and landing page optimisation
  • Finding the right balance between pushing content and inbound marketing
  • How to use precision targeting options across selected online channels
  • “Test & Learn” methodology for continuous improvement
  • Leveraging your brand’s "Alpha Followers"
  • Injecting powerful "nudges" into your content to encourage actions
  • Designing compelling calls-to-action
  • Putting it into practice: Fun team exercise!
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