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It has been proven time and time again that copy has a huge impact on audience perceptions, and is key to how organisations communicate, persuade or sell. Exceptional website and email copy will therefore play a critical role in your organisation's success.

Emarketeers' practical digital copywriting training course offers research-based best practice that will demonstrably help you improve your website or email conversions and engagement.

We will use many real-life examples and re-write exercises, making this a fun day, that will help you to develop confidence in your new copywriting skills.

The course will leave you super-energised to start improving your digital copy the next day


Following the Content Writing training course, you will be able to:

  • Write digital content that communicates, persuades and sells more effectively
  • Understand how web and email impact on writing
  • Ensure that your key messages stand out and are immediately understood by your audience(s)
  • Develop organisational policies and processes to guarantee consistently excellent digital writing (including tone-of-voice)
  • Sell the value of high quality digital copywriting within your organisation


Course Programme

  • How people read online - the impact on digital copywriting
  • Profiling – ways to understand your audience better, so you can write for them more effectively
  • Scrolling - encouraging people to scroll and how to manage it if they don’t
  • Offers and promotions – how to get people reading this critical content
  • Legibility - ensure your text is easy to read on the screen
  • What sort of language should you use online?
  • Grammar - how fussy should we be?
  • Guidelines and exercises on: vocabulary, sentences and paragraphs
  • Tone-of-voice – developing consistency and excellence within an organisation
  • Concision – how can we be more concise…and when is content too concise?
  • Attract attention - make sure your core messages get looked at
  • ‘Brainstem simple’ - create pages that get your message across to audiences, without them even realising it
  • Front-loading – using techniques to maximise business benefit in your writing
  • Guidelines and exercises on: headings, formatting, lists, links and buttons
  • Optimising From and Subject fields
  • Working with preview panes and images
  • Optimising writing for landing pages
  • Writing to improve email strategy and targeting
  • Mobile – learn how to structure and write content that is suited for mobile devices
  • Accessibility – make sure your website is W3C-compliant
  • Managing a team – how to support your organisation in creating online content that is consistently excellent
  • Review and editing of others’ work – practical advice to help make this quick, effective and efficient
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