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Every brand seeks engagement. Yet, engagement is not an end in itself, and many attempts at engagement can be short-lived, silo'd, inconsistent and worst of all irrelevant – contributing little or potentially damaging the relationship between a brand and its customers.

This CRM and customer engagement training course provides the framework for relevant customer engagement through the lens of customer relationship management. It provides strategies to approach engagement with a clearer view of how and who to engage, with what, where and when – across the customer journey.

The day provides guidance on setting a vision and purpose for CRM: tools and tips for the development of an insightful joined-up CRM strategy and the basis for building and delivering effective CRM plans. It also incorporates guidance on the use of data and technology, which grease the wheels of CRM.


Following the CRM & Customer Engagement course, you will have:

  • A clear understanding of how CRM and Customer Engagement influences brand equity, customer value and profitability
  • Guidance on how to develop a CRM vision, strategy and plan
  • A greater understanding of the value of data and how to use it
  • A framework for creating more relevant, insightful engagement
  • Tools and tips for measurement and evaluation
  • Guidance on selecting technology partners
  • An appreciation of how small things in the world of CRM can often make a big difference to the bottom line



Course Programme

  • The 8 building blocks of CRM
  • CRM - good and bad
  • The brand purpose
  • The customer and what matters to them
  • The truth about the relationship
  • The purpose and role for CRM and Customer Engagement
  • Setting business objectives from the customer’s point of view
  • Translating objectives into outcomes and KPIs
  • Knowing what success looks like: measurement and reporting
  • What defines your customer?
  • What defines a valuable customer?
  • Creating workable customer segmentation
  • Tackling Big Data and knowing what matters
  • Guidance on data protection and regulation
  • The importance of the single customer view and steps to achieving it
  • The rise of behavioural economics
  • The truth about engagement and commitment
  • Why there are two Rs in Relationship
  • Why relationships fail and what makes a successful relationship
  • Organisational collaboration and its effect on the customer experience
  • Why humanity and technology make good bed-fellows
  • Mapping the customer journey: the backbone of the relationship
  • Identifying areas of greatest importance and influence
  • How small things can make a difference
  • Balancing quick wins with the longer term
  • Where to start
  • Creating the layers of the CRM plan
  • Mapping touchpoints, channels and processes
  • How to combine online and offline channels effectively
  • Don’t run before you can walk
  • Budget optimization
  • Meaningful measurement
  • The macro and micro of measurement
  • The importance of test and learn
  • Guiding principles
  • Guidance on the selection of technology partners
  • Useful tools and resources
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