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eCommerce Marketing Training:

eCommerce marketing is the process of pushing sales by elevating awareness almost about an online store's company brand and product offerings. Digital marketing for eCommerce is applicable conventional marketing principles to the multichannel, data-driven environment.
eCommerce marketing can be split into two standard strategies: driving website traffic and optimizing the user experience for conversion. Both of them are critical components to developing an online business — failure in a single is all but guaranteed to undermine any success within the other. Seasoned online marketers can thrive in a digital landscape, beginning with a stable base of common terms.


Why do choose us to learn eCommerce Digital Marketing?

We will offer you will all the opportunities to update, manage and market an eCommerce website in order to boost the incoming traffic and provide an elite experience to the shoppers.
At LAKSN Institute, we assure that you will be familiar with current and emerging eCommerce marketing trends with the help of the proven digital marketing techniques that provide outstanding results. Gain eCommerce marketing skills along with online retailing strategies and best practices to raise awareness and generate sales by driving the right consumer traffic to your online shopping websites.
Joining eCommerce marketing course at DMC will boost your eCommerce Store’s performance like never before. We offer classroom training as well as online training for eCommerce marketing with in-depth exposure to successful strategies that help to earn more converting customers to your online shop. Join our eCommerce marketing training course in Chennai to learn about the essentials of eCommerce in today’s growing retail world.

What do you need to be familiar with eCommerce Marketing? 

"Use the advantage of advertising and managing your own shopping website with DMC’s flexible eCommerce learning solutions."


Our training institute will be an interactive learning center for anyone who needs to enroll in eCommerce Marketing Training. Here are some compelling reasons why you want to develop your eCommerce marketing skills with us.

Curriculum & Highlights

  1. Understanding e-commerce
  2. Various e-commerce portals
  3. Advantages of e-commerce
  4. E-commerce Legalities
  5. E-commerce marketing
  6. Product keyword research
  7. Competitive analysis
  8. Inventory management
  9. Supply chain management
  10. Packaging & shipping
  11. Selling on online platforms
  12. Business process
  13. Setting up payment gateway
  14. Remittance cycle & return policy
  15. Creating an E-commerce website
  16. Barriers to e-commerce
  17. Uploading products to online marketplace

Course Programme

Introduction Evolution, trends and impacts Market research
Types and business models Strategic analysis and revenue models Mobile ecommerce E-governance
Building website, learning web technologies and hosting Mobile Apps Managing ecommerce infrastructure
Public Key Infrastructure Security issues and protocols Firewall, digital signature Legal issues and risk management plan
Promoting Ecommerce SMM, SEO and PPC Web analytics Mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, video and display marketing
Supply chain management E-Procurement HR requirements and Knowledge management Implementation issues and success factors
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