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This course will teach you to hand code web pages in HTML and CSS  using a text editor such as Notepad. You will learn to create web sites with free software and It is ideal preparation for those wanting to join our WordPress and HTML 5 courses.

The course will bring you up to speed with handcoding web pages using HTML and CSS. It also covers accessibility issues, , HTML , forms, and presentational techniques using CSS, giving you the core building blocks you need to build usable and functional web sites. 

Upon completion of the course, you will be creating web pages that look and work effectively and adhere to web standards.

To keep up to date and continue with learning afterwards you will be granted access to our virtual learning area where our tutor provides additional resources, exercises and support.


Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to create and edit web pages using HTML and CSS



It's required that students are comfortable using a mouse, opening/ saving files and with the general operation of computers. You will also need to have reasonable keyboard skills (around 15-20 words per minute) to benefit from this course.
While we will make every reasonable effort to help, students with insufficient skills still wanting to take this course should first consider undertaking an IT skills course.


Following topics are included in this course:

Planning and Designing Website
HTML: The Language for creating web pages
CSS: Styling web pages
Publishing your site

Skills Required

No previous experience of Web design, HTML, CSS is required. You should have basic experience of using computers and web browsers. This includes:

  • able to use keyboard and mouse
  • know how to create, save, move and rename files

If you do not have basic computer and Internet skills then we highly recommend you to attend our Computer Basics for Absolute Beginners course before attending this course.


Study Path

After doing this Web Design with HTML and CSS course you may attend the following courses to extend your Web Design knowledge:

  • JavaScript for Beginners
  • MySQL Database for Beginners
  • PHP For Beginners
  • Web Design with WordPress (CMS)

Course Programme

  • Introduction
  • Text editors available for Windows or Mac
  • Identifying different Browser types
  • HTML document structure
  • HTML syntax
  • Commenting code
  • Writing Accessible HTML
  • Analysing code from existing web pages
  • Headings
  • Lists
  • Blockquote
  • Links
  • Images
  • Tables
  • Div Tags
  • HTML entities
  • HTML Tag Attributes
  • CSS syntax
  • Commenting code
  • Understanding  inheritance and the cascade
  • Managing selectors
  • Basic Selectors
  • Compound Selectors
  • Layouts
  • Font Sizing
  • CSS shorthand
  • Google web Fonts
  • External Stylesheets
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