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Marketing is a fast-paced changing industry that requires constantly looking for new and improved ways to attract people to your business. And anyone who has performed hours of cold calling can tell you that it is an annoying task for both the caller and the receiver. This is why the requirement for new ways of lead generation is often required.

Do you want to learn how you can attract new leads to your business without spending time and energy on old and outdated techniques? With this course, you can!


No more outdated links and calling techniques, instead learn how to get actual proper leads for your business. There are multiple different channels which are used in marketing including social, mobile, email, display, etc. We will tackle how you can use all of these channels to get the most our of your lead generation tasks.

We will break down the different methods and techniques that are available to get you the most convertible leads for your company. This course has been designed with no particular expertise in mind, which means from newbies to advanced marketers, anyone can take this course to brush up their skills.

This Digital Marketing course is great for you even if you don’t know how to build a funnel, build a lead list, how to interact with your leads, or create an amazing strategy using digital marketing!

At the end of this course, you will have become a wiz in lead generation with Digital Marketing using various tools such as emails, and social media.


Here’s what you will find in this course:

  • A detailed introduction into basic concepts including lead generation and its connection to digital marketing
  • What is a lead, what is lead generation, how does it differ from other campaigns
  • The need of lead generation and mapping it to your funnel
  • Learn different lead generation tactics
  • Social Media and using social media for lead generation
  • Turning solid leads into sales
  • How to exceed customer expectations
  • Creating loyal customers
  • Measuring and optimization of goals and activities
  • Various effective tools for effective lead generation and automation



  • Learn to use digital marketing channels to generate leads for your business
  • Learn to build sales funnel and automation for your leads
  • Learn all about sales lifecycle
  • Learn to measure and analyze your efforts


Course Programme

  • Understand latest trends in the industry and their impact on lead generation
  • How the B2B buyer has changed
  • Buyer personas, the decision-making-unit and considerations for lead generation
  • How Lead nurturing improves conversion rates and lead quality
  • Different and modern approaches to nurturing leads
  • Lead nurturing across the buyer journey: when and how to use paid, earned, owned media
  • Selecting the appropriate lead nurturing mechanics
  • Integrated campaigns: balancing the mix of traditional vs digital and inbound vs outbound
  • Selecting the most suitable lead generation channels
  • Lead generation and the customer journey before and after purchase
  • What social selling means for lead generation and how to integrate it
  • Resource planning and considerations for lead generation campaigns
  • Different routes to creating content
  • Content syndication and content curation
  • Understand which content works best for your target customers
  • How to map content across the b2b buyer journey
  • Identify best options for amplifying and distributing content
  • Aligning sales and marketing is critical for lead generation
  • Lead scoring: implicit and explicit scoring
  • Measuring lead generation across the buyer journey
  • Root causing and resolving lead generation performance issues
  • The lead generation technology stack: which technologies and application to use and why
  • Marketing automation and CRM, for lead generation and nurturing
  • AI applications for lead generation
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