HTML & CSS For Beginners Course & Training institute In Thane, New Mumbai

If you're involved in web projects, content management or email marketing, it's important to have an understanding of the HTML and CSS code underpinning web pages or HTML emails.

This one day HTML & CSS training course will give you the confidence to create your own HTML or CSS code for web pages or emails, as well as manage content, assets and 3rd party code or widgets. The course will also give you the skills to look at the source code of any web page or email template, and understand the pieces of the jigsaw. 

During the day, we will cover the structure of an HTML document, the core HTML tags, CSS properties, and differences between web pages and HTML emails. We will also introduce HTML5, discuss its importance in future-proofing your digital assets.

We'll give you an overview of JavaScript, what you use it for, what it looks like and why it's so important for the future of the web. And finally we'll also talk about the different browsers and email readers, and how to carry out testing.

The session is taught in a fun and relaxed environment, with lots of interactivity to help you along the way. Bring a laptop and be prepared to get knee deep in code!


Following this HTML & CSS training course, you will understand:

  • The fundamentals of front-end web development
  • How web pages and HTML emails are structured
  • The role of HTML, CSS and JavaScript in web development
  • The key HTML tags and CSS styles and their impact on web pages and emails
  • Other languages that can be used on the web
  • New features in HTML5 and CSS3
  • How to test your code to ensure it works across all browsers and email readers


Course Programme

  • An overview of how the Internet is structured
  • The core development languages and their uses
  • Defining static versus dynamic pages
  • Where web pages live and how to access them
  • Understanding the structure of an HTML document
  • The vocabulary and grammar of HTML
  • Creating your own HTML using the core HTML tags
  • Using browser tools and extensions to easily test your HTML
  • The core differences between HTML used in web pages vs email campaigns
  • Understanding CSS and where/when to use it
  • Why CSS will improve your productivity
  • When to use CSS versus HTML
  • The differences between CSS in web pages versus HTML emails
  • The core CSS properties and syntax
  • Understanding the CSS box model and its impact on page design
  • Mobile-friendliness: using media queries for responsive design
  • Moving from style to interaction - the future of CSS3
  • Using free online coding tools, to test (and share) your code
  • Popular browser testing tools
  • Email testing tools: how they work and why they are so important
  • How to use Chrome to test your mobile friendliness
  • What JavaScript is for
  • What it looks like and how to understand it
  • Javascript’s role in the future of the web
  • Testing web pages with JavaScript switched off
  • What is HTML5 and what makes it different
  • Tools to test HTML5 compatibility in browsers
  • Commercial and non-commercial examples of stunning HTML5
  • The main browsers and their differences
  • Understanding browser compatibility
  • Desktop versus mobile browsers: market share stats
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